Hospital City

It might sound weird, but I like going to The Hospital. To tell you the truth, I haven't told my friends about why I like going to The Hospital. It's hard to talk to my friends about it. It's hard to explain how every time I go to The Hospital, how I feel. But I'll try.

Whenever my Mom and I go to The Hospital, we always check in to our Hotel. The next day we wake up very early, and we drive to The Hospital. When we get to The Hospital, we sign in, get my hospital bracelet, and then we go eat our breakfast. It's really yummy. Usually I get eggs and bacon, and sometimes I get a biscuit. I also get to put chocolate milk on my Rice Krispies!

After we eat, we sit in the playroom to wait, and I see if I can find anyone I know. If I don't find someone I already know, then I can watch the movie they are playing on the TV, play my GameBoy, or read. When I look around the playroom, I see kids of all different ages, shapes and sizes. Some kids have braces, some kids have plastic legs or arms, but none of the kids are "normal". That's where I get to be "normal", because *everyone* there is not "normal".

Then, they will call me for weighs and measures. Then we wait some more. Usually we do x-rays after weighs and measures, if we need them. Then they usually call me in to see the doctor after that. Then the doctor will come in to see me, and I will tell him where it hurts, and what it feels like. Sometimes it is hard for me to explain what it feels like. If I he wants me to, then the Doctor will put me on the list to go to Orthotics & Prosthetics. And then, we wait some more. When I get called to Orthotics and Prosthetics, they will look at my feet, legs, and hips to see what I need to help me grow correctly. Then they make what I need right there in their workshop. Sometimes, they can make it that day, and sometimes we have to come back to pick it up after they make it. Sometimes after we go to Orthotics and Prosthetics, we have to go to Physical Therapy. Last time, they gave me a sheet of exercises to do. At first, when I did the exercises, it hurt really bad. After a while, I got used to the exercises, and it doesn't hurt as bad. The Counselor at The Hospital will talk to me, and she helps me. I tell her about stuff that makes me feel bad, like when people start at me in the wheelchair. The Counselor and my Mom have taught me that no matter how much people stare, the wheelchair is just a tool to use to help me hurt less. I can email my Counselor whenever I want to. After all of that, we say goodbye to everyone, and go home.

I take a lot of naps in the van. It helps me to not feel the pain, and it makes me feel more calm. After we are home, usually I go to sleep pretty quickly, because I am pretty tired out. Usually the next day, I am pretty sore from all of the traveling, even though we stop every two hours so that I can stretch my legs.

I'm always glad to get home, but The Hospital is like a second home to me. I feel more normal when I am there. That's why I like going to The Hospital.

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Lauren said...

Hi dear,
One thing that you will learn as life goes on: no one is normal. No one. Everyone is unique, rare, uncommon, unlike any other. Every person is different, and that is what makes the world beautiful. Everyone has talents, everyone has downfalls, and everyone thinks that they themselves are the weird one. :-)
I came across your blog when I checked out artlad's. Keep writing!

Take care, my prayers are with you!