Meow! Meow!

That's what wakes me up every morning.

I have two cats, Bitsy and Flat Stanley.

We gave Bitsy her name because when we brought her home, she was smaller than a Teeny Beanie Baby. She is black with white speckles. She is five. We found her at our local supermarket. The original owners said that their pet ferret tried to eat her. So we took her home and she tried to hide under my bed. Thankfully I caught her in time. She can do some tricks. Sometimes she will stand up on her hind legs. Sometimes she will come up to me and lick my lips. (Like a kiss) :)Four years later we are at the same supermarket and there are people standing around this box. We went to see what it was. It was a box of kittens. There were two left. We saw somebody leave the crowd. They were holding one of the gray kittens. I asked my mom if we could go over and see the last kitten. She said it was OK. We started going over there. The owner was telling a family about the last kitten. She said that he got pushed over when he was in his mom's womb. When I first saw him I thought he had run over by a truck. He was flatter than a pancake. One of the books that I read in the third grade was "Flat Stanley". It'’s about a boy who gets squished. He'’s so flat that he can slip under doors! That'’s how Flat Stanley (the cat) got his name. His nickname is Tanner.

I love my cats sooooo much! Each one has their own personality. Bitsy is more of a "“picture princess"”. Flat Stanley is more like a clean freak! I don'’t know what I would do without them.


Flip said...

Your cats are so cute! :D I'm acctually more of a dog person. The last cat we had was mean to me. :(

I especially love Tanner. He has such pretty eyes. :)


The Whippy Curly Tails said...

Love your kitty pics. We have a Tanner too..I call him Tannie Man or Sweet T. He cuddles with me each night before I go to sleep!

Come visit Blackie, Tannie Man and Miss S at the Whippy Curly Tails blog in the Toasty South. I think you will enjoy seeing all three of the kitties daily events and their kitty friends too. =^..^=

I like your blog. I will visit your Mom's too.