Yesterday I won another contest! :) So, I bought another dog.

Her name is Zoey. She's a miniature dachshund. She loves to play with the jump rope. You turn one end of the rope, while one of your dogs turns the other end. Your other dog *jumps. I just got done dropping John off at the "dog hotel". In the game, the "dog hotel" is free. In real life, it costs lots of money to put a dog in a "dog hotel".

Anyway, this morning when I took Zoey for her morning walk, I found a rainbow clown wig on the ground! Then about one minute later, she comes up to me and is holding *another* wig! :o They fit her and John perfectly. They look like dog clowns. :)

I really like this Nintendogs game, as you can tell. I recommend it. (If you have a Nintendog, then leave a comment about him/her.)

* It helps if your dog already knows the "jump" trick. ;)

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Krystal said...

Hey stop going off about your cellphone!! this is about nintendogs!
Speaking of I can not make my dog do anything by voice command. It is driving me insane! I cant even get it to sit. what am I doing wrong?? plz reply.