Ten days until I get my new brace for my left leg! No more pain! WooHoo!

It's actually not that exciting on this trip. All my mom and I are doing is going down to The Hospital, getting my brace, and coming home.

If you want to read what a regular hospital trip is like, click on this link --> Regular Trip (my mom's version)

Or, my version: Regular Trip


Anyway, I've been reading other peoples blogs. If you've been watching, you will have noticed that I added Flip to my "Other Blogs I Like". She draws really cool stuff! :)


I spent all morning with my dad. I was helping fix up his old car. He says that it will be my first car. I want my second car to be a lime green VW Beetle Bug. I'm helping him in the garage so I can earn a little extra money for the new Nintendogs game.

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Tenn said...

Hey, kiddo. Good luck!