Whine, Whine

Like my mom, lately I've been a whiner.

First, I whined about not having Nintendogs.
Now, I'm whining about not having a cell phone! (sighs)


Well, I got 1 of 2.
After a week of helping my dad in the garage, I got Nintendogs!
It's sooooo cool! My favorite part is that you can make your dog do stuff by voice command. (there's a mic. on the DS.) I started out with a husky named Lucy. Then she won a contest, and I bought a shih tzu named Molly. Then I went to a restaurant (in real life) and because of the all the noise, their tricks got all messed up. So I gave them away. Tonight I bought a beagle named John. He's really cute! :)


Cell Phone!
Our family's phone company allows us to get a new (free) phone in October. *My mom says that she "doesn't think that I *need* a cell phone right now." I know that I don't need one, I just want a phone so I call 911, my best friends, my mom, and Radio Disney. *Mom says that if I want a cell phone that I would have to pay for it. Then *she said that "technically she would be paying for the cell phone, since she gives me my allowance." So for now, no cell phone. :(

* After you start reading my blog, you will notice "my mom says" a lot. That's because she's my mom, and I love her. ;)

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Flip said...

Yeah, my folks bought me a cell phone about a year ago. It's technically for "emergencies only", but since it's free to call my family, it's fine. Plus, the only other person I occasionally talk to is "Riot". *Shh* Don't tell my folks tho! ; )

As for Nintendogs, I looked at that the other day and decided that I want to give it a try now! It looks really fun! I haven't owned a gameboy since 6th grade, since my neighbor stole it. Now I think I'll have to do some whining of my own. ; )

It's great to know that you do love your mom. :) I know alot of kids who really hate thier parents, and I think it's wrong. It's nice to see someone say that nowadays.