Tag, you're it!

My mouth is all you can see on my face right now. :D (I need a bigger letter than D) As you know I have not blogged in FOREVER! That is because I am trying to figure out how to explain how I feel. Four days ago, on September 9th, 2005 I became (insert geeky superhero music) The Painless Wonder! That's right NO PAIN! I will blog about my excitement later! ;)

Anyway, I've been tagged by my mom.

OK mom. I'll play.


10 Years Ago: All I know is that I sucked my thumb, I loved to watch Sesame Street, and I watched my mom clean up cat barf. My mom knows the rest of the story...

5 Years Ago: Watched my mom clean up cat barf. Went to First Grade. Started reading the Harry Potter series with my mom. Got my first, and hopefully last, pair of presciption glasses. Turned 6 years old. Met my one of my BFF's, B, in Girl Scouts. Found out that my First Grade teacher is a big fan of Harry Potter too!

1 Year Ago: Watched my mom clean up cat barf. Went to Disney World (for the first time) for my tenth birthday. Got my ears pierced, two times. (The first time my ears got infected.) Got a Game Cube. Found out about the best girls clothes store, Limited Too. Brought home Flat Stanley. Met my other BFF, M.

Yesterday: Woke up late. Watched my mom clean up cat barf. (Do you see a pattern too?) Did my "home" work. Watched Lizzie McGuire. Read the new issue of Disney Adventures Magazine. Messed around with my desktop picture of Jesse McCartney and changed it to just a head shot. I think he's cute. :::embarrassed:::

5 Songs I know all the words to: Wake Up by Hilary Duff, Beautiful Soul by Jesse McCartney, I'm A Believer by The Monkees and the remix by Smash Mouth, Skater Boi by Avril Lavigne, and Ordinary Day by Vanessa Carlton.

5 Favorite Snacks: Twinkies! (of course!), homemade cookies, chocolate pudding, a glass of chocolate milk, and bananas and sugar.

5 things I'd do with $100 million: Give one fifth to the OFG, give one fifth to our local Shrine Temple, give on fifth to the Masons, give one fifth to the Shrine Hospitals, and give the last fifth to the Red Cross New Orleans Relief Fund.

5 Places I Would Run Away To: A Shriners Hospital, Mr. and Mrs. Z's house, Grandma and Grandpa R's house, B's house, and our local Barnes & Noble. (I love the smell of fresh coffee and new books)

5 Things I Would Never Wear: Real fur (I'll wear faux fur) , gardening shoes, short skirt, short shorts, and anything that's too revealing.

5 Favorite TV Shows: Zoey 101, Unfabulous, Two and a Half Men, Kim Possible, and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

5 Greatest Joys: My parents, my grandparents, reading, blogging, and cooking.

5 Favorite Toys: Books, my computer, my DS, my air hockey table, and my new Hilary Duff CD.

5 People I'm Tagging: My mom tagged everyone I know who is ten or older. :(

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Rurality said...

You have a really good memory to remember all that! I like Harry Potter too, the books and the movies. I'll be sad when they're all finished.