Clownin' Around

When I was three years old, the Shriner clowns made me an honorary clown! So sometimes at local Shriner events, I dress up as Tag-Along the clown. I always follow one of the other clowns. When I was three years old my mom and I were at a Shriners meeting, my favorite clown, HI BOB, asked my mom and I to come up on stage. After we got on the stage, all of the other clowns came out from behind the backstage curtain. Then HI BOB got out a bright red clown nose just like all of the Shriner clowns have. He put it on my nose and pushed it. It went "honk, honk". That was the night that I became an honorary Shriner clown.

Whenever I dress-up as Tag-Along, I see all of the kids laughing at my funny nose and my weird hat. I like bringing joy to people. I think being a clown is great! :)


Beverly said...

Austin really likes your clown pictures. He points at the screen and nods and then he says clown:)

Rurality said...

Is that you dressed up like a clown? Very cute!