Goodbye to Tanner

POSTED BY: Twinks mom

Yesterday, we had to make the really sad decision to put Twinks boy-kitty, Tanner, to sleep.

Tanner had been having some problems all summer, but our vet, Dr. Betty, was working really hard to help him. I had to take Tanner to see Dr. Betty again yesterday. (Twinks wasn't there) During the examination, Dr. Betty and I both could actually see how sick Tanner really was, and that there was nothing that could be done.

Luckily, Dr. Betty thinks that Tanner wasn't really able to feel pain like a normal cat. She believes that because of his other problems, that he probably had a much higher threshold of pain, so he had not yet begun to suffer. But there was nothing that Dr. Betty could do to save Tanner. Even if she had operated, there was no way he would ever be able to live a normal, healthy life.

So, I stayed with Tanner, and I held him, and I talked to him. I wrapped him in one of Daddy's old shirts, and told him how very much we all loved him. I stroked his sweet little grey head, and kissed him. Dr. Betty stayed with us, and so did some of the other vet techs. We all cried, but we also laughed, recalling some of Tanners' sillier antics. He was surrounded by people who loved and cared for him, and he was safe in Mama's arms until he went home. It was very peaceful.

We are going to honor Tanner's life, by making a donation to our local Feline Rescue Society. We are going to remember him by planting a tree in our yard, so that the birds that he loved to watch from the front window will have a new place to build a nest. We are going to remember him as our gentle, sweet little grey boy, who followed Twinks around like a puppy... and who would happily spend hours sitting at her feet, gazing up adoringly at her.

We gave Tanner the very best life that we could. We took him to the best clinic; fed him the best food, made sure that he had everything he needed. We played with him, cared for him, and most of all, we loved him.

Goodbye, little Tanner-Man.

We love you.


The Whippy Curly Tails said...

All of us want to send our thoughts and best wishes to you. Tanner sounds like he had a very good life.

Meow, from Blackie, Tannie Man & Miss S...in the
Toasty South. Meow =^..^=

Rurality said...

We had a sweet little grey boy too, several years ago. His name was Chester. He was a sweetie pie!

Magazine Man said...

Sorry I'm late to post. I heard about your kitty and am so sorry, but also grateful he isn't suffering.

I still miss all my cats: Arthur and Tigre and Octavia, but I also remember all the funny things they did (and maybe somewhere still do). I'll need to write something about them one of these days. Maybe you will do the same for Tanner. I bet he was a good kitty, and I know for a fact he was a lucky one, since he had you.