Gerbils, Gerbils, Gerbils!

Yesterday my mom and I had to run some arrends so she took me to our local pet store to see if they had any gerbil stuff. We found out that our local pet store is very expensive! So we got some frozen yogurt and went home. Then my mom took a nap. We ate dinner and I asked my mom if we could go to the Big WM to look at gerbil stuff. She unwillingly said yes. (She had to get some groceries anyway) So we went and while we were looking at gerbil stuff mom found this really cute wooden gerbil play house. It's pre-assembled and the gerbils can hide in it or they can climb up a ramp to the top of the house where there is a treat bin. I also bought a water bottle for them and a small cage for transporting them.

Here is a list of names for my gerbils:

Sonny and Cher
Peter Pan and Tinkerbell
Harry and Ron
Hugges and Kisses
Toot and Puddle (characters from my favorite book when I was little)
Bob and Betty (from the Sims)
Salt and Pepper (if they are black and white)

So, what do you think? I'm not going to name them until I see them. Let me know if you can think of any other names.

Here is a link to the AGS. (American gerbil Society)


Thimbelle said...

If they are both girls, I vote for:

- Lucy and Ethel


- Laverne and Shirley


- Betty and Wilma

and I also like

Alice and Trixie

Don't even get me started on names for boys...

XO Mom :)

Flip said...

Harry and Ron is my favorite. :D

(But if it were me, I'd name them Batman and Robin even if they were both girls. XD)