Guess what I get?


My counselor at school, Mrs. C. is really great! We had to go see her again today about my wheelchair, and my braces, and some other stuff.

Mrs. C has two gerbils that live in her office. She takes them home every night in a little funny white bucket! The office gerbil's mom and dad just had babies, and so I get to have two of them!

Gerbils are really cool! I can't wait until my new gerbils are old enough to come home with me!

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Flip said...

That's so cool!

I had a rat over the summer. He was white with a little mask over his face, and he was still kinda little. His name was Bruce, after Bruce Wayne who is also Batman. :D

Make sure your gerbils have lots of toys to play with and get regular baths. :) They're very high-energy rodents, you know. ^_^