I'm proud to have...

The Otaku Gene!

It's official. I am a true Otaku Geek.

Ever since a couple of weeks ago I've been having pocky almost every day.
When I went inside our local *Otaku Store and came out with a box of pocky in my hands my mom jokingly said "I think you've caught the Otaku Gene!"

You don't catch something like the Otaku Gene. You have it from birth and then you discover that you have it.

Discovering that I have the Otaku Gene is great! I can say that I like to play Burnout without feeling like a total tomboy. (no offence)

I am a true Otaku.

*You know, the kind of stores that have old comic books and the old original black and white Game Boys for sale.

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Anonymous said...

I've found that people (Girls especially!) With the Otaku gene seem to attract very interesting and cool people. :)

I'm glad you found your Otaku Gene! I hope it serves you well in life! :D