Birthday! (revised)

Well, I'll give you the bad news first:
The neurologist doesn't know what is wrong with me.

Good news:
We think that I don't have tethered cord, and we think that I don't have to have surgery. For now.


Let's forget all that stuff and remember that my birthday is tomorrow! WooHoo! As I told you before, I will be twelve! :)

Yesterday, B and I went out and had pizza and ice cream! She made me a really cute card even though I told her not to. Then we came home and tore apart my room. (I still haven't finished cleaning it up yet)

After we took B home, my mom and dad surprised me with an early birthday cake! It was only as big as a grapefruit. But it was really good! Then my parents asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I said:

Video Games
Sims 2 Games
Gift Cards
and Anything else they can think of.

I think I will have a good birthday!


Beverly said...

Happy Birthday! Twinks! Austin and I hope you get everything on your list. Have a wonderful day:)

Garrett said...

Happy birthday, Twinkie! :-)

Tenn said...

Happy birthday, Twinks! Late, yes, but now you're 12! I shall be 15 in a matter of weeks, m'self.