The Staring Game

I'm not talking about the game where you stare at the other person untill someone blinks.

I'm talking about what happens when you go to your local W-M, on Thursday, at 5:45, in a wheelchair, and you're about to burst into tears.
I know that I have posted about this in the past. In fact this is exactly what my first post was about.
Anyway, apparently is seems 10x worse when you've been hurting for the past week!!!
Sorry. I needed to vent. That's why I started my blog. To vent. Well here's some more venting.

I hurt and it won't go away!!! AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!

That felt good. Sorry. I would'nt blame you if you stopped reading after the third sentence.

About the W-M thing. I'm sick and tired of mothers pulling their children away from me, tired of people putting the front of their carts on the but of the wheelchair, tired of people "staring at me like I'm an animal in a cage." (I think that's how I put it.) I'm sick of people thinking just because I'm in a wheelchair, that I'm stupid. I may get the occasional B-, but besides that, I'm an A+ student.

The Staring Game. I think any (visibly) disabled kid probably hates it as much as I do.

Stop the staring.



alpharat said...

Oh Twinks,

It basically comes down to ignorance. I'm often amazed how many ignorant parents manage to have their own ignorant kids and so on and so on.

Chin up. It does get better.

And consider yourself fortunate your not part of one of those families with the satres in the W-M.

alpharat said...

Stares. That messed up word was supposed to be stares.

I need another cup of coffee.

TheTwinkie said...

Thanks alpharat!

Twinks ;)

Rurality said...

Hey Twinks, sorry people stared at you. You will just have to feel sorry for them, that they were not raised any better than that!

When I was growing up I don't think I knew anybody in a wheelchair, but a girl in our school had braces on her legs and crutches because she'd had polio. I admit that I used to sneak peeks sometimes... I believe kids are just fascinated by things that they haven't seen before. I remember really wanting to know how those braces worked!

Tenn said...

Ya, Twinks; feel sorry for them. So many people miss out on so many things in life because they're close-minded...

Then again, some of those stares could just be curiosity- it's not always cruelty. Only bother with anger at the people that mock you.

And consider buying a "Don't Judge Me Based on Your Ignorance" tee-shirt. My mom got me one for Christmas- from Hot Topic, but it's probably available at any faux-rebel shop near you!

potato farm girl said...

Hi Twinkie girl! Sorry the WM people are giving you grief, was never my favorite place to begin with. You obviously have a very bright head on your shoulders and your parents must be proud. Your blog design is great, I like the colors. Thanks also for your kind words on my blog, sorry I took so long to respond. Also, I LOVE your gerbil photos. I used to have a gerbil named Marvin. They are so cute!

kamagurka said...

The feeble brains of the pod people will need time to absorb anything that seems unfamiliar. This is such a strain on the little gray matter they have that they may lose control of facial features, making them revert to their natural state. In this moment you will be able to see their real faces, and you will know them for what they are; slack-jawed idiots.
I see slack-jawed idiots, mommy. I see them all the time. Make them go away, mommy, please?