My last year as a tween.

Had an awesome birthday!

Sims 2 University
Sims 2 Nitelife
4 new outfits
3 giftcards
stuffed animals (which includes a bear that scares me. He squeezes a heart and says, "Hug me, squeeze me, love me!")

So overall a great B-day.

Oh yeah, I'm in a book!

They think I'm an artist. Oh well. I think Flip and MM should be in there.

By the way, MM is being taken over by BB. Warning: BB uses bad words! :o

Love you MOM.

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Rurality said...

I'm glad you had a good birthday! I think age 12 was one of my favorites. (And 13 too.)

Maybe you should become an artist - that way the book will be right. :)