That's right, it's finally happened. I'm officially bored...

Well I finished all of my homework. It took me all of spring break. That's right, ALL of spring break. I never got to see what happened to "Zack and Cody" (Disney Channel's "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody") on Friday.

Anyway, since my teacher hasn't been bringing home any homework, (thank goodness!!) I've been sitting at home playing Sims 2, listing to my new CD, and reading about Art Lad and MM's adventure.


Well just found out today that we get to go see my grandma and grandpa in the beautiful, sunshiny, blazing hot Florida!!! This summer of course.

Oh yeah. I just remembered that I have to remind my mom to help me finish filling out my 7th grade "pre-enrollment form". This year we get two electives instead of just one. I'm thinking about taking advanced computer. I don't know.

We can take:
~Spanish 1
~Spanish 2
~P.E. and Health (health class used to be a doctor coming in and talking to us during Social Studies class)
~Art (I took it this year and it was pretty fun)
~Girls Vocal (maybe)
~Boys Vocal
~Advanced Computer
~Current Events (my paper says that it's kind of like debate team. I like to debate with my parents.)
~Journalism/Yearbook (I love to write but there's only 15 seats. Bummer.)
~Computer/Art (one semester each)
~Computer/P.E. (one semester each)
~Computer/Creative Studies (one semester... you get the picture)

Before we just got vocal and art. :O


My best friend B is taking computer and vocal. This year we didn't get any classes together so I'm going to try out for vocal (there is an audition required)

In my boredom I've also been reading books. I deeply recommend Eragon and Eldest to anyone over the age of 10.
Of course I've always had a love for fantasy and magic books.

While browsing on Blogger, I found a link (from Flip) to another very cool artist's blog. Potato Farm Girl.

Blog more later...

Twinks ;)


Rurality said...

When I was in school they MADE us take PE. I have to admit that didn't like it much. :)

Garrett said...

If you like books about magic, have you read Diane Duane's Young Wizards series? If not, you must pick up So You Want to Be a Wizard as soon as possible. :-)

TheTwinkie said...


I was actually thinking about getting So You Want to Be a Wizard! My mom and I have to go to the book store later this week so I can get it then.

Twinks ;)

Garrett said...

Great! I've been reading the Young Wizards series since I was in college: I started with Diane's Star Trek books, and then went looking for everything else she had written. :-)

Once you read SYWtBaW, if you're interested in discussing it with other fans, check out http://www.youngwizards.net/.