This week in reading class, we had to write five poems. We're going to read them on Friday when Mrs. D turns our class into a poetry house! So I started writing my poems. The first one is supposed to be a poem about yourself. (Bio-poem) My mom really likes it. I think it's kind of weird. So she wanted me to write another poem. Here's what I came up with:

I was scared,
She started to flirt,
I just stared.
My whole life flashed before my eyes,
I've never been so jealous before.
He looks my way,
I run out the back door.
I hear footsteps,
He's following me,
Oh great.
I fall and skin my knee,
He helps me get up.
Then in a soft voice,
He says what I now rejoice.
"I'm sorry I didn't come quicker."

I know it sounds kind of stupid, but my mom thinks I am some kind of poet in training. ;)
Here's another that I wrote:

It was quiet,
But I knew I wasn't alone.
I heard it,
Louder, louder.
It's coming towards me,
Closer, closer.
But I can't stop it,
Help, help.
But no one can help me now,
The task is done,
Over, over.
More sounds,
Scary, scary.
I turn 'round this time,
Swish, swish.
Something on my foot,
Meow, Meow.

I'm not going to turn this into a poetry blog. Maybe I'll just make a link to a page and I put my poetry there...

Oh well.
Blog more later...


Garrett said...

Just a page? Why think small? :-)

Flip said...

I have to agree with your mom. I think the first one is my favorite. :)

Rurality said...

I think you are a poet in training! They are both nice but the first one is my favorite also. Very, VERY good!

Stu said...

The first one is excellent. It is honest and speaks as though from your true voice. Poetry should be a natural message that comes from your heart, so don't force it. When you want to write a poem, think of what you really feel, what is honestly on your mind, what you honestly care about, and then write, without thinking of what it will be like when it is done. Really, keep writing, you have sincere talent.

Jay D Smith said...

good poem, need ninjas though!!