Tests Stink

Next week, we are having our annual State Testing Day. This year we are having what's called Bubble Day. It's where the day before for like our first two periods, all we learn about is how to fill in a bubble. I've been filling in bubbles since the first grade! You would think that we might have gotten it down by now...

My mom has volunteered to be a "Class Monitor". Which is just a fancy word for "Person who watches the class take a test while the teacher gets coffee". So today she has to go up to school for training. So I get to see all of my friends.

I would like to say "Yay!!!!!" to MM, Art Lad, and AL's class for showing what true friendship is all about!

I would recommend Narnia (the movie) to anyone! My mom and I zoomed to the store 10 min. before they closed so that we could get it! It is awesome!!!!

Blog more later...

Twinks ;)


Kelly said...

Hey Twinkie!

I read your Mom's blog, and I was wondering...

What do YOU think about feeling better (finally!)?

I'd love to read something YOU write about it!

BTW: Can you tell I'm happy for you? ;)

Rurality said...

Hey Kelly had the same idea as me. I also heard that you were feeling better. Yaaaay! I hope you feel better forever. :)