Moms worst birthday ever

So today is my moms birthday.

It should have been a great day, and it would have been, except for one thing.

We had to put our oldest cat to sleep today (his real name was Shadow Romeo, but everyone called him B The Boy. I don't know why).

And, the worst part is that my Dad doesn't even know yet. He's still at work, and won't know for a couple of more hours, until he gets home. Where he works, they can't have phones and phone calls unless it's a *real* emergency. B The Boy was *totally* dad's cat. He would follow dad around like a puppy, and his favorite spot to sleep was on dad.

So, we had to take B The Boy to the vet, not long after Dad left for work. Mom said he was fading fast, and when we got to the vet, she said he was bleeding internally, and probably wouldn't have lasted the weekend. The vet thinks he was somewhere between 21 and 23 years old. He had kidney disease, so we knew he was sick, it's just really sad that it had to happen today.

I feel sorry for mom. She has to tell dad when he gets home.

Blog more later.


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Rurality said...

Sorry to hear that about your cat. I'm glad he got to live so long though.