I am a Gamer Girl!

So, my mom and I were talking...

"what's the matter?"
"What would you say if I sold my Game Boy DS?"
"what did you do?" (she said this in her "you are sooo grounded" voice)
"Nothing, nothing. But they came out with this new game boy..."

About 30 min. later I had gathered up all of my old gameboys and some unwanted games and we headed out to our local game store. I can't tell you the amount I got for the stuff, But I was only ten bucks short of a DS Lite! Thank gosh I had some of my allowance leftover in my pocket, and mom chipped in a little too. Thanks mom!

The DS Lite is awesome!!! I'ts got a crisper picture, better sound, and it's less bulky than the original DS design!!! I LOVE it!!!!!

Blog more L8r,
Twinks ;)


Flip said...

You lucky duck! I haven't had a gameboy since my gameboy color which I loaned to a neighbor. (She never gave it back)

I'm still waiting for my new guitar. :(

Hope you have fun with your DS lite!

potato farm girl said...

Sweet! I got a ds lite too! I have New Super Mario Bros, it is so much fun! Make sure to do your homework and feed your gerbils though. :D P.s. Your drawing's are cute!