New me!

Here is a very recent pic of me! I got my hair cut really short!

You can't tell but I've got this awesome girly white skirt mixed with black leggings and my favorite red and black shirt! I've made my own style. Rocker De La Twinks!

Flip kind-of *inspired* me!

Blog more later,
Twinks ;)


Garrett said...

Looking good! :-)

I'm sure there's a picture of me somewhere on http://flickr.com/photos/sarekofvulcan, but I can't get to flickr from this machine at the moment. There are definitely pictures of my daughters, though. :-)

Anonymous said...

Cute! :) My hair used to be real super short, and everyone called me 'Sir' or 'Sport' and I even got 'Skippy' once. XP

Did you color it too? It looks darker.


Rurality said...

Very cute. It's so hot here that I've been daydreaming of cutting ALL my hair off.