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Boys are really, really weird. Especially at this age.

Well, the whole thing with C didn't work out. He ended up going out with one of my good friends, and they seem to be a happy couple. I'm not gonna come between them just because some stupid crush.

And now one of my guy friends, B, keeps trying to set me up with guys. Its really starting to upset me. I don't even want a boyfriend right now! I'm 13!

So yeah. Anywho....

School is going OK. I'm not exactly happy with some of my grades, but since I have all honors, I figure a high B in an honors class is like an A+ in a normal class. But that doesn't mean I'm not gonna try and bring it up. Believe me, I want to have all A's.

My friends are doing OK. There was a bit of an upset with our lunch table. Because there are literally 2-3 dozen of us all trying to sit together, its kinda hard to all sit at one table. So when one part of the group tries to change where we sit, it kinda upsets everyone else.

Really my life has been pretty dull. I'm surprised that I'm not finding more stuff to blog about... Oh well.

Talk to y'all later.
Twinks ;)

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Flip said...

Don't worry about boys. They really are... wierd. I crushed on Tyler for three years before he finally dated me. Now look, year and a half, longest relationship we've both ever had. :) And he's still my best friend.

Good to know school's okay. Honors classes are hard: I have all Honors and one AP class (Gets me a free college credit!) and I've got B's and C's, and that's at my full power. Keep on truckin' - They're definately worth the trouble!!