School... Wow.

Really, thats all I have to say. I mean, its all just, wow...

The first day of school was interesting to say the least. It was mostly full of warm hugs, odd stares, and lots of confusion.
The warm hugs were from my friends. Ahh yes. After of summer of sitting on my butt, I finally get to see everyone. I've changed the most of everyone. You know how I got a new haircut? ::points at old posts:: Well, I changed my hair... again. Yeah, its all funky and spikey in the back, and straight in the front. (I really should get a picture...) Lol, but it takes three types of hair products to style it.
But, anyways, yeah, it was mostly the normal first-day type stuff.

So, school is going well. I've had a few slip-ups here and there, but overall, I'm doing well.

My social life is just... crazy. I guess I'm kind of considered the "mother figure" of my group of friends. So, alot of times, if someone needs to vent, they come to me. Now, normally, I can handle it. But with this last round of venting from one of my friends, I just feel like I was drained. Like emotionally. He dumped all these secrets and problems about his life onto me, and it really started to affect me. So I finally just had to say "stop!" I just had so many people coming to me, to deal with all that ontop of my own problems, it was just too much.

But don't get me wrong, my social life hasn't been all bad. Especially since last Thursday. So, my friend knew that I liked C, (yes, the same C that I flirted with at the school dance last year) and she kept bugging me about asking him out. I kept telling her that, "C doesn't date girls like me!" But she kept bugging me. So I, being the stupid teenager that I am, said, "I bet he would never say yes." So she didn't realize I was just kidding. So, come Friday after school, my friend comes running up to me, all excited. She starts squeaking something (if shes really happy about something, she starts to squeak really loud...) So I slow her down, and I find out that she asked C out for me! So I start freaking out, pretty sure that he said no. But, it turns out, he said maybe! Now, I know most of you are thinking that "maybe" is just guy code for "no", but I have faith in C. Hes known to be a pretty sweet guy. And hey, its not like I'm gonna be heart-broken if he does say no. I just think it'd be pretty darn awesome if he said yes.

Anywho... Thats pretty much whats been going on in my life.

Blog more later,
Twinks ;)

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