French Pig Latin

Hi y'all. Sorry for being gone for a while, but I've only been able to get on the internet for a few minutes at a time. We're preparing for state testing at school, and since I'm in all honors classes, they expect us to bring up the student GPA. :::sigh:::

We've been having icky weather lately. Lots of rain and lightning and thunder. The tornado sirens actually went off in the middle of the night a few days ago. Scared the whooey out of me. Nothing happened, but the tornado was like within 5 miles or so of our town. Kinda scary.

Big progress is being made on the house. They started putting the primer on the outside of the house today. Woo! That means we're close to getting done. After painting the outside of the house, all that is left is the little things on the inside: fixing holes in the wall, stuff like that. I can't wait to use my loft! :D

Not much going on in school. Just a bunch of stressed out people, in one tiny building. Not a good thing. I'm not that stressed, but the teachers are afraid that we'll bomb the test. I won't, because if I don't do well on my writing test, then I can't drive. It's part of some law they passed. Blech.

French class is going well though. We're learning about conjugating verbs. Its kinda confusing, but as long as I take good notes, I seem to get it. We've been listening to French pop music in class. It's kinda scary, the way those people sing. One song is just some lady wailing about her cat... Weird. But I started searching for more recent bands, and I found a really cool one. They're called D├ęportivo. They're a punk-rock band, from the suburbs of Paris. They've got a nice beat, and they're kinda cute. :) But they also sing some of their songs in English, which makes me happy. ^_^ I'm working on ordering their CD's online, since I can't seem to find any multilingual music stores where I live. (lol)

My mom and I went to pick up KFC for dinner, and somehow we started talking in Pig Latin. Then, somehow it turned into French Pig Latin. Long story short, it was really silly, and fun to say. Try it sometime. :)

I got one of the older Papa Roach CD's today. It's called Infest. In my opinion, it stinks. It came out when PR was still in their "Rap-Rock" phase, so it sounds all choppy. But some of the songs are ok. If nothing else, I got another CD to add to my collection. :)

Oh, haha, guess I never told y'all. I'm kinda Papa Roach crazy. It drives my mom nuts. But I esp. like their CD, Getting Away With Murder. Definitely my favorite. Their new stuff is ok, but they got kinda whiny and "emo". But Jacoby Shaddix (lead singer) is still very cute, so that makes up for it. ;)

I'm trying to convince my parents to let me go to my best friend, K's sleepover. My mom is all freaked out 'cause I've never really made it all the way through a sleepover. I always start to cry, and want to go home. But hey, I'm 14 now. I think I'm mature enough to sleep all the way through the night without my mommy... I hope.
But the best part is that if I do go, we get to have a romantic movie marathon! And K said we could watch my favorite movie ever, Pretty In Pink. Yay!! :::dances::: I'm a sucker for 80's teen movies. Breakfast Club is definately my second fav.

Anyway, I should prolly get going. Its raining and such again, and I don't want my computer to die if we have a power surge.

Night all! ^_^

Much love,
A very sleepy Twinks

PS - wish me luck, my first round of state tests are tomorrow.


teneal ann said...


That's crazy, I didn't know you lived in Tornado Alley. We had several at like, 3 AM on Thursday night, I think! The storm was INSANE. I went outside (stupid right) and watched transformers blow up. Half the city was out of power.

Chuck said...

Breakfast Club is AWESOME. Of course, I'm old enough to remember when it came out (when I was in high school) and I used to watch it in now-obsolete videotape format all the time.

Anonymous said...

Good luck on your state tests! I have to register to take the SAT and ACT this summer so I can go to college *crosses fingers* And I don't study ever XD

I'm all about Dirty Dancing. (Although not 80's, Breakfast at Tiffany's is fantabulous too. :D)