I'm... so... Tired...

Blech. I hate being sleepy.

That's kinda how I've felt for the past few months. Like I was always tired. Not just physically, but emotionally too.
So, I decided to tell my mom about it last night... but then a talk about how I didn't feel good turned into an all-out tear fest. I guess I just needed a good cry. Mom says its all my pent-up teenage hormones. Being a teenager really sucks.
Now don't get me wrong, I don't wanna wake up tomorrow as a middle-aged mom. But I just hate the drama. I'm so sick of all my friends fighting. I know it's my own fault for picking to hang out with this particular group of kids, but I don't see why we need all the drama. :::makes a mental note::: This is another reason why I don't want to have a boyfriend. Too much drama. With my friends, anyway. The second someone gets a boyfriend, or girlfriend, it turns into an all out battle.
Sorry for the rant, I just needed to vent.

There was a little ray of sunshine last night, though. I got my new Nessie shirt!! Woo!!! :::dances in circles::: My mom bought it for me off of Shirt.Woot.com It's an awesome website that has a different random shirt everyday! :D
Here is my baby Nessie T-shirt.

Isn't he adorable?!

So, really, thats my big news. We've got state tests coming up in school, so my teachers are cramming me with homework. But that's another post...

More later....

Much love,


potato farm girl said...

I always remembered Junior High being tougher than Highschool, not saying Highschool can't be dramatic too. Just keep your nose to the grindstone the next four years, it'll seem like forever but once it's over you'll have your whole life to live. And that Nessie shirt has to be one of the most amazing things I've seen in along time!

teneal ann said...

Totally envious of your shirt.

Drama is everpresent in high school. It really, really is. The only way to remove yourself from it is to not choose sides when friends are fighting, and not have reasons to fight. It tones down once people get tired of it, though, as long as you're with the right people. Some people just LOVE drama. I have a few friends like that and I try to avoid them on days like that.

This time in your life is going to be emotionally draining like this. The only solution is spending time with the people you really care about, and keeping a level head.

Always remember that those problems aren't the end of the world. Create your own little sanctuary- whether it be in your room or outside in your yard or at the park- and every time you go there, imagine you're leaving your problems behind. Don't think about whatever's going on. Use that place to pray or read or do something that relaxes you. I meditate a lot.

The best boyfriend won't add drama to your life.

Twinks said...

@ Potato Farm Girl: Yeah, no kidding. All of my upperclassmen friends (what few I have) have said about the same thing. But it's like my mom said, highschool is NOT the best part of your life. What comes after highschool and college, having a family and stuff, is what matters most.

@ Tenn: Yeah, unfortunately, my friends thrive on drama. It's like their coffee or something. I just stay out of it. Yeah, for me, I go and rake leaves in our back yard. It sounds stupid, but it helps me clear my head.

Love you both,

potato farm girl said...

Ha ha that reminds me, I actually was friends with the upperclassmen in highschool and college. Maybe it was because they knew the ropes and were more focused on school work than drama. But it is still good to have friends no matter what class they are in.

Twinks said...

Lucky. I'm just going to try and stay out of their way at this point. They still scare the crud outta me. o.o