Life has been eventful for me lately.

I've been writing constantly, on anything: napkins, homework, myself... It seems I've got enough songs built up to make my own album. I doubt I'll ever do anything with them though... I'm not really confident enough to actually send them off to be reviewed.

I just saw Iron Man on Saturday. It was AWESOME!! I was never really into the comics or anything, but the movie was amazing. My dad took me (mom isn't really into that stuff) to the 10pm showing at our local theater. It was packed with upperclassman who had just come from their spring dance. I was quite intimidated by the many cute boys there. I was even more intimidated by their girlfriends who kept giving me evil stares.

School's going well, overall. I kinda slacked off a bit, and my grades slipped a bit, but now it's all good. With the help of a new planner (and my mom and dad lecturing me on the consequences of not keeping my grades up) I've brought them all back up to A's. ^_^

Everything is going ok with friends. There's a guy who's been kinda bugging me though. He was a good friend of mine in grade school, but he had to move to China because his mom decided to do Doctors Without Borders. I never really expected to see him again, but he showed back up this year. He's changed alot, and apparently, so have I... I introduced myself about halfway through the school year, thinking that we could become good friends again. He got all giddy, and started following me around like a puppy dog. Then, one night on the phone, he told me he thought I was "quite the cutie." I freaked out.
1. I'm not looking for a boyfriend right now...
2. He's my friend... I wouldn't want to make stuff awkward by going out with him.
3. I'm just flat out NOT attracted to him that way. He's a sweet guy, but I've always thought of him as my brother.
So, after a lot of teasing from my friends, I told my mom. She ended up talking to his dad about it, and everything has pretty much cooled down. C still can't have a conversation with me without his face turning bright red, but I've gotten used to it.

Anyway, the most hectic stuff has been with the house. And the mini-van. Ugh, we had some dude break into our van over the weekend. He thankfully didn't take anything that we couldn't replace. BREAKING NEWS: as I'm typing this in our living room, my mom tells me that they caught the guy(s) who did it. They also got our stuff back. WOO!! But anyway, stuff has been really crazy with the house. They've been doing all this different stuff left and right. I still don't fully understand all that's happening, but I did get to put my handprint in the fresh concrete of our new sidewalk.

Not much else has happened. I helped my mom move some furniture, and we got to play in the mud where our yard has been dug out for some landscaping thing.

Since summer is right around the corner (less than 20 days!) I'll be posting more and more. Sorry for slacking off, but it's hard to be a kid. xP


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The Whippy Curly Tails said...

Dear Twinks ... (we ask our Mom to write you ...)

Our Mom loves Live From the Cage. She liked the part about the piano. We like to hear the plastic crackle on our food bad too. Me especially. Mom say I am gonna be on a diet "Jenny Craig" cuz of too much of the food bag. What could that mean?

Have a great summer,
Blackie & all The Whippy Curly Tails
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