Extra, Extra, Read All About It (Or not, really it's your choice...)

Hey. Sorry I've been gone.

So. I'm tired. We've had the power turned off at the house for a few hours, and it just came back on like 5 minutes ago. The electrician had to do some work on the house so they had to disconnect our power at around 8am this morning (waayy too early for me) and they just now turned it back on. I don't do well without electricity. Especially when I was running on only 6 hours of sleep. Now, I know that my mom was way worse off then I was (knowing her, she got like 2 hours of sleep) but hey, I'm a teenage girl. I need my beauty sleep. The good thing was that it ended up raining while the power was off, so it didn't get hot in the house. So yeah, there's some exciting news for ya.

In other news, my great-aunts came to visit this past week from Up North. I had never met them before, but they were both so nice. They both love shopping, so they took me out to our local mall, and bought me all this awesome stuff from Hot Topic and Limited Too. I love rainbow/neon colored stuff, and they bought me this really cool Iron Fist jacket, with "99 Dead Balloons Go Bye" printed on the jacket. It's got all these neon colored balloons printed on it. (I couldn't find a pic of it, and Hottopic.com is being a stink about copying pictures)
I also got some really cool knee high socks, and a bunch of other random stuff.

I'm so ready for the summer to be over. I know that sounds weird, coming from me. But I'm just sick of not seeing any of my friends. My best friend got to sleep over about a week ago, and that was cool, but other than that, stuff is really boring here. There really aren't any kids my age in our neighborhood. :(

I took some new pictures though.

This one is down the neck of an old wine bottle. I had filled it up with pop tabs when I was collecting them. Kinda dorky, yet a cool effect. Oh yeah, that slip of paper is an old movie stub.... Don't ask how it got there.

This one was my first "posed" image. I was trying to get the feel of an old dressing table, but it ended up looking way too fake. (and if you're wondering, yes, that is a Bare Essentials brush. I love that stuff.)

This one is boring, really. Just a picture of a guy from Panic at the Disco. I technically took a picture of a poster in my room. I turned out all the lights in my room, then used a flashlight to make a spot-light effect. I really need to work on my skills.

So, yeah. Like I said, I need to work on it. I think I'm getting better though. I just need more subjects.

Well, that's pretty much everything. There's chores to do, so I better go.

Much love,

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Anonymous said...

I know you won't believe me, but you DO have skills with the camera.

I'm not just saying that because I'm Your Mom.


Mom :)