Lost in old memories...

I was going through my old posts, looking at how my writing technique has changed over the years. It really amazed me how differently I write now, compared to my very first post.

When I started my blog, I guess it was supposed to be about my medical problems, and how I deal with them. But I've realized that I hardly talk about my pain anymore.

I think that the reason why I don't talk about that part of my life anymore is because I'm not constantly thinking about it anymore. I'm more than just a child with physical problems. I'm smart, and creative, and all these other things that I wasn't even thinking about back then.

Believe me, I didn't discover all this on my own. Going to Pain Management (it's kinda like going to a shrink for your pain) has helped me alot. Dr. W has helped me realize alot of stuff about myself. And the more I see myself as an actual "normal" person, the more I see that my whole life isn't just about pain.

I'll admit it, my mom has been telling me this stuff for years, but for some reason, it feels different when it's someone else telling you that kind of stuff.

I think I've matured alot compared to when I started blogging. I'm not just some whiny little kid anymore. I'm a grown-up! ...Well, almost a grown-up. ;-)


-EDIT- Ok, so maybe I'm still a kid, but I'm not whiny, nor am I little! I don't wanna grow up quite yet...


thestraightpoop said...

Twinks: one word in response..."cool". You've done it, girl. Good for you. You are so right - coming from someone who has lived in pain for over 30 years but moved past it too...your pain is but a small part of who you are. You're a wonderful daughter, a great friend, a beautiful almost-woman. YAY! I'm sending a hug to you.

Twinkie said...

Thanks so much!! It really means alot coming from you. I've always kinda secretly looked up to you, ever since I read your blog.


Suldog said...


Thanks so much for the link-love! I guess it's been a while since I've been here, as I just noticed it. Have I been missing it? If so, sorry! In any case, I will definitely reciprocate. Look for your link over at my place very soon.