Drumroll please!

I'm finally going to be a freshman!!! W00t!

We went to enrollment/schedule pick-up today. I got all the teachers I wanted, and all the classes I wanted, including French 2, and Pre-Engineering!! Yay! **does happy dance**

So far, I don't know if I have any classes with my friends. (We went to enrollment/sched. pick-up pretty early this morning, so all of my lazy friends decided to sleep in and come later XD )

The layout of the "Mid-High" actually seems pretty similar to the layout of the 6th Grade Center, which is good, since I know my way around that place backwards and forwards. (I was an office aid my 6th grade year, so I had to know where all the classrooms/teachers were)

At first, I was super-worried about becoming a freshman. Because of the way they divide up the school system here, the last time I had classes with older kids was in the 4th grade.
But, as my mom has told me, I'm friends with a bunch of the older kids already.

BTW, sorry if I'm like, super hyper. I just chugged down a Grande Starbucks, so I'm all jittery. Yeah I know, Starbucks is just an overpriced coffee shop with cruddy coffee. I've heard that lecture from many of my friends. But I can't stay away. It calls to me! "Twinks, Twinks! You must have your Grande White Chocolate Mocha Espresso with two shots of Peppermint! It tastes sooo good!"
Ok, now I've just gone off the deep end. XP

Lol, well, I've got to get going. My mom is taking me to get my hair cut. I can't wait!! I'm gonna get my spikeys back. (I used to punk up my hair in the back with hair gel, but it grew out too long to do that, so now I get to have my spikeys back! Yay!)

Oh, BTW, again, I added some new music videos to my awesome list, right....

**taps the ENTER key repeatedly**

**taps harder**

HERE!! ------------------------------------------------->>


(If you're still reading this, you've clearly gone off the deep end too... I'm sorry. D: )

-Twinks XD


Suldog said...

Congratulations! You're The Man!

Uh, I mean, The Woman! Sorry! I've got a head cold, so I'm not on top of my game here :-)

(By the way, my word verification is KEVNJ", so if you know someone named Kevin in New Jersey, maybe it's a sign. Or maybe not.)

Twinkie said...

Lol, thanks.

Hope you feel better. ^.^

Yeah, I was kinda "out of it" yesterday. Sorry for the random post. :P

Hmm... I believe that everything happens for a reason. Maybe I'll meet a Kevin J at school this year... **ponders**