My head is going to explode.

Stress is my mortal enemy. Seriously.

Sorry for not posting. Sorry, especially, to Melinda. I promised her that I'd post a meme that she tagged me for a few days ago, but stuff has been so hectic, I never got a chance to finish the post. So, sorry Melinda. I'll get to it ASAP.

Now, back to what I was supposed to post about yesterday.

I am now officially a freshman. And I hate it.
Ok, so I don't hate it. I'm over exaggerating cause I'm tired and cranky. But I'm not exactly...happy, per say. I like my classes, and I have friends in most of them. I'm just not really happy with the amount of pressure I have to deal with concerning class change.

Class change, for those of you who don't already know, is the 5 to 15 minute (depending on what school you go to) period of time between each class, when students go to their locker, talk to friends, and continue on to their next class. My friend said that in NYC, they have like a 15 minute class change. Here, we only have a 5 minute class change.

Now, normally, I have no problem with getting from class to class on time. I don't tend to talk to my friends in the hallways, unless we're walking to class with each other. But this year is much more difficult. See, instead of just 700+ kids to deal with in the halls, there are over 1,400 kids in this school. All trying to get to their classes at the same time. So, as you can imagine, it is much harder to get to class without getting squished between a sophomore and a junior trying to shove their way through the crowd. (It's already happened to me... twice.) I guess I'm just ranting more than anything.

I really do love school, don't get me wrong. I love learning new things, and getting to know new people. I just really don't like getting squished by upperclassman. I have thankfully figured out (today, in fact) that if I can walk behind one of my super-tall guy friends, I'm safe. :-)

My classes have so far been OK. Although I was a bit miffed that my teachers gave me homework on the second day of school. (French, History, and Math, all in one night!)

I'm just always super tired when I get home from school now. Mom says it's because all of the major walking I do between classes. (and I'm not exaggerating when I say MAJOR walking) I think it's that, paired along with this emanate fear of being pummeled by an upperclassman that has got me shaking in my boots. (...or so to speak. More like shaking in my Etnies. lol)

Well, I know it wasn't exactly much of a post, but I'm really tired, and I have to wake up at 5am tomorrow.

And yes, if any of my faithful readers were wondering, yesterday was also my 3 year blog-a-versary. WooHoo. Go me. Paaaarrrtaaayy. :-/

I'm going to sleep now.

I'll post that meme tomorrow, if at all possible.

Night everyone. ^.^



Chuck said...

Transition to a new school, especially to high school, is guaranteed stressful. We had ten minutes between classes at mine, and sometimes depending where the classes were at you needed most of them to get from one side of campus to the other. If you find that you *do* need more than five minutes to get between two particular classes, be sure to let your teachers know...most teachers (not all, but most) are cool about that, but they won't know there's an issue if you don't tell them. Oh, and happy blogiversary!

Flip said...

Happy blogiversarry! I'm not sure when mine is... but I'm sure we're both around the 3-year mark. :)

So you're a freshman and I'm a senior. I still know exactly what you're going through. I was a pretty tiny freshman (Although I didn't go to a real highschool until my sophomore year, and I'm still technically tiny.) and my tactic for going through the halls was actually to go the long way around and hug the walls. (I don't have tall guy friends. X))

You can also take the offensive. Put your shoulder forward and just barrel through the mass. :) That works sometimes if you don't mind being just a bit rude. I don't have sympathy for the people that stand in the middle of the hall and chat for five minutes, so I do that half the time now.

I hope you have a good freshman year. I'll be vlogging my senior year starting next week, when I go back. I'll try to keep you in the loop. :)

still here,

PS: If you have unlimited text, (or even if you don't,) you should get a twitter account. :) Good for microblogging at school.

Suldog said...

You have such a great attitude towards school and learning. I was never a big fan of school (I've always been a big fan of learning, however!)

5am? Why so early?

Twinkie said...

Chuck - Thanks for the advice. :-)

Flip - Thankies!! ^.^ Haha, yeah, the wall thing never really worked out for me. XP Thanks, but mom is all "NO TWITTER." So yeah, no Twitter for now. Maybe when I'm older... :(

Sully - Haha, thanks.
I get up super early because it takes me forever to get ready. Seriously, as a girl, I take a full 2 hours to do clothes, makeup, hair, etc. I need to learn time management...