They had to operate on my toe... again... 2 days before school starts. You've got to be freaking kidding me.

I know it's my own fault for not making my mom take me to the Dr. sooner. I just really wish they didn't have to operate so close to school starting. Now I'll be walking around school in flip-flops for the first week. (I don't like flip-flops. I prefer to wear my etnies.)

But, on the upside, my mom did buy me a bunch of stuff at Target, to make up for the excruciating pain.
I got 3 new CD's: Shinedown - The Sound Of Madness (which I am currently listening to), Panic At The Disco - Pretty. Odd., and Rihanna - Good Girl Gone Bad [Reloaded].
A new pair of bright neon blue leggings.
A red cardigan. (If anyone can make an old lady sweater work, it's me. :D )
And some really cool Spiderman band-aids for my toe.



ciara said...

well, i think you made out like a bandit for your toe :)

i could live in flip flops...here they don't let you wear them to school and all clothing must reflect 'modest' taste. lol my 11 yr old was not reflecting 'modest' with her 'first day of school' attire. there's a pic on my blog. back in my day, you could wear almost anything to school...of course that was 20 something years ago LOL

my oldest daughter likes Panic, though my 21 yr old does not. he knows spencer the drummer (went to school w him. spencer is also an ex bf of my son's ex gf). cardigans can be cool :) my son wrote a song called 'thrift store cardigan'.

Suldog said...

Urk. I hate flip-flops, too. I've worn them, like, twice in my life, and then only at the beach. But, on the bright side, any time you get to wear Spiderman stuff, it's pretty cool.

Chuck said...

I don't mind wearing flip-flops if they're decent ones. I have some ones by Columbia that are pretty comfy. Are Crocs an option? Those look pretty comfortable too...but probably not because they enclose your toe.

I just had to have an ingrown toenail removed a few months back. Defintely not much fun but it's all better now.