"Wanna see a magic trick? I'll make this pencil... disappear!" - The Joker

Haha, no real reason for my post title. I just love that part of the Dark Knight. I've seen the movie like 5 times now. XP

Anyway, I got finished with my homework early (which is surprising, since I had math, English, French, geography, and science to do tonight) so I figured I should write a post.

So much has happened in the past few days, that I don't even know where to start.

Well, I guess the most eventful (and ironic) news was that a mere 2 days after I had posted about not having a boyfriend, one of my best guy friends asked me out. Now, I was honest-to-gosh ecstatic... But, I said no.

Why, you may ask? Because I didn't want to just say yes to anyone willy-nilly without talking to my mom and dad about it first. Unlike a lot of my friends, I actually care about my parents opinions. So, I talked to my mom about it a few days ago, and she said that she would have been fine with me and him going out on group dates, like just to the movies. So, this morning I went to school thinking that me and him could talk again about going out... But, I found out this morning that he's gone back to his ex-girlfriend. His ex, who has dumped him FIVE times. (I've counted, believe me) I just don't understand how he can go out with someone who has hurt him so much...(And she is one of my best friends...) So yeah, I'm just kind of upset about that. I just don't want to see him get hurt again. Even if I don't ever go out with him, I still don't like to see my best buddies get hurt. :-(

Well, on a happier note, school is going quite well. I've been getting good grades on my papers, and I seem to be getting back into the groove of things quite nicely. ^.^

Today was picture day. Ick. I like picture day, I just hate it when the girls look like they're all dressed up for prom. You only end up seeing your FACE in the picture anyway... shouldn't you be more worried about makeup and hair then your clothes?? I just don't get it...

I guess that's it. Not much going on at home. :-/

And with that, I leave you with an inspiring workout video from the 80's...


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ciara said...

well, you are pretty mature than most of your friends to consider your parents feelings. i have a son who is now 21, and all through his life, and now even with my girls, i have an open door policy. no subject is taboo. i don't want them to get misinformation out there, and i want them to know that i'm listening.

as for your guy friend, we all know that guys DO NOT mature as fast as girls. there are other reasons that guys get suckered into relationships with girls who treat them bad. it's just like when girls like 'bad boys'. the game playing that people do in relationships is quite an odd thing. i'm glad you're smart enough not to be involved with that.

have you ever asked him why he keeps getting back w her? it could be a self esteem issue. anyways, plenty of time for boys/boyfriends. good to hear school is going well. :)

Suldog said...

Twinks - I'm happily married, and 51, but I'm telling you the stone cold truth: If I was, say, 15 again, I'd ask you out in a heartbeat :-)

You're smart, funny, sweet, and have your head together like few of your age. I admire you. I really do.

Twinkie said...

Ciara - I've always been super-close to my parents. I guess it's just the way they raised me.
Yeah, I guess you could consider him to be more of a "wimp." He gives in too easily sometimes, and I think that's why he's back with her. He doesn't see that he could get someone better...

Sully - Haha, thanks Sully. I appreciate it. :-)

Suldog said...

Hi, Twinks. Tagging you with a meme. It will be up at my place later today, afternoon, probably. Just giving you advance notice :-)