"Just reach out your hand and I'll make you mine, Cause everything, everything's magic..."

-Everything's Magic by Angles and Airwaves.


That's kind of how I've been feeling lately. ^.^ Happy. Loved. Magical in general.
Haha, if you haven't figured it out yet, I've (finally) got a boyfriend. And he's really sweet, and caring, and all that other mushy stuff that you don't wanna hear about.

My best friend E set us up. We actually met at a bowling party a few months ago, but we never got each other's info. Since he lives a few towns away from mine, we'd never get to see each other again...

But, apparently after the party, he kept asking E about me, saying that he couldn't get me off his mind. Ironically enough, I kept asking E about him. Haha, so eventually E gave him my phone number, and we've been inseparable ever since. But he really is a gentleman. Every time we see each other, he doesn't try to "put the moves on me" or anything... He just likes to talk. ^.^ Which I'm fine with. I was kinda anxious about the whole kissing thing, but he says that we should wait. Get to know each other first.

He's in a band, and can play guitar beautifully. And he's been helping me write some new lyrics! **insert girlish squeal here**

I really think mom and dad like him. Well... Mom likes him. Dad will never like any guy I date. But the BF says that his parents really like me, so I'm happy. ^.^


So, yeah, overall I'm really really really happy. :D

School has been going well. Mom says that in order for us to go out, I have to keep my grades up, so thats been a real motivator for me.


Everything with my friends is going well. No drama. Nothing exciting. But they all tease me for going out with him. They just think it's so cute that little ol' Twinks finally has her first BF.


I guess that's it. Well, there's probably more I'll remember after I post this, but my head is too high in the clouds to think of them right now. **happy sigh**

More later,

Currently listening to: Over My Head (Cable Car) by The Fray


Suldog said...

Excellent! I'm glad to hear everything is going so nicely. He DOES sound like a true gentleman (and you deserve nothing less, of course.)

Twinkie said...

Thanks Sully. ^.^

Chuck said...

Congratulations! Hope the rest of your school year goes even better than the first part has.

Twinkie said...

Thanks Chuck! I'm sure it will! :)