The Post With No Title...

I'm not feeling particularly creative today... Sorry.

I also apologize for not posting in a long long time. I realized how long it had really been when I got put on Sully's bad list...

Alot has happened in the past month(s) or so...

The boyfriend and I are still going strong. Our 2 month anniversary was last weekend! He (finally) told me he loves me. :::insert "Ooh's" and "Awe's" and "How Cute's" here::: Do I think it was too soon for him to say that? Quite honestly, no. Now, I'm not saying that because "We're in love and nothing anyone can say will keep us apart!" I say that because I feel like I've made a real connection with him. He's got the perfect personality for me, and he honestly cares about me. He's the kind of guy that gives you 150%, all day, every day.
This is an example: My ankle and foot started hurting the other day during our date. After a several painful winces from me, he asked me what was wrong. I, trying to keep our date going happily, just told him that my ankle was hurting a little bit. (when in reality it was killing me) He then went on to prop my foot up on his lap and give me a foot/ankle rub for 30 minutes.
Everyday he asks me if I'm feeling any better, and he's there for me, no matter how upset or angry I get. He's got my back no matter what. And, if/when we do break up, I know we'll remain good friends.

But, enough about him. Stuff's been going good at the house. Dad's been working day shifts for a while at work, instead of his usual night shifts. It was a tough change for all of us to make, especially since he drove me to school every morning. But we've all adapted. Mom seems to be ok. I know that she never fully tells me how bad she feels, or how tough things are getting, but I don't hold that against her. She's trying to juggle the weight of our family's world on her shoulders, and thats a pretty hard task, if you ask me. Grandma has her good days and her bad days. I really don't know what to say about her anymore. She's just so different. I still can't bring myself to realize that she's not coming back...

School has been... rocky. I had a little dip in my grades right after my BF and I started dating, but now things have stabilized, and I've brought all my grades back up! (except math, which I'm currently working on very hard...)

Stuff with my friends has been... usual. Not as much drama as last year (thankfully), just alot of stuff going on all at once.

Tonight I'm going to a poetry club meeting. My FIRST poetry club meeting. EVER. So, yeah, I'm just a little scared. Especially since I'll be the only freshman there with a bunch of Junior's and Senior's. On top of that I only know one person there. He's an upperclassman - "Cool Hair Guy" as we all call him. His hair is almost as amazing as mine. LOL.

Overall, things have been going well. Not much bad news to report here.

Well, now that I think about it... I've been having a lot of pain in my ankle and foot (as mentioned up above) and I've been having shooting pains up and down my legs and hips. One of my specialists here says I'm going to have to have some more tests done :( and I'll probably have to go back down to Hospital City sometime in the next few months... I just hope it stops soon. I can't handle pain like this on top of everything else... I think I need another Pain Management session!!!

Well, I guess that's it. I got to see the new James Bond movie last Sunday with the BF, my aunt, and my grandpa. I liked it a lot, except for the fact that the theater was freezing and I had no jacket. Haha.

I'll try to start posting more often. Sorry, again for being gone so long.

More later,

PS - I highly reccomned you check out The Sword. Well, the BF does. They're apparently touring with Metallica (which the BF just recently saw in concert) and in his words "They Kick Butt!! They're like a metal/rock version of Stone Temple Pilots." So, there ya go. Your daily dose of music. :)


ciara said...

well, when you're a young girl with a brand new first love, who's got time to blog, right? :) sounds like everything is going wonderful and so far he sounds like he's a keeper. good thing that you got your grades back up because i do remember somewhere you or your mom said that you had to keep the grades up. it's easy to get distracted...i know i did if i even had just one-side like w a boy hehe but i knew that my school work had to come first.

i'm sorry your suffering from pain..i hope that can get sorted soon. anyways, just keep it up w school and enjoy your bf.

Suldog said...

Glad I saw this before my vacation. You're back on the good list :-)

Rurality said...

He sounds like a great guy. I wish I could get my husband to rub my back that long when it's hurting!

Chuck said...

Glad everything is going well for you there, Twinks. Hope your ankle feels better soon!

Melinda said...

A belated congrats on the BF! My first boyfriend was a guitar player too. It's so nice to just sit and listen to them play, huh.
He sounds like a great guy, which you definitely deserve :)

Hope the pain stuff gets sorted out soon.

The Whippy Curly Tails said...

Looking forward to your next post!! Hope all is well.

The Whippy Curly Tails