Teenage dream;

The past two days have been absolutely wonderful. I cannot express how amazing it feels to be surrounded by friends and loved ones.

Yesterday my bestfriend in the entire world and I drove (with my mom&grandma) about an hour to go get our hair done, by my hair dresser who I've been going to since I was born, literally. I got my hair re-dyed a nice shade of dark red, Jelly (bestfriend) got her hair styled. (For it is far too short to be cut. As short as mine used to be, in fact.) We were two young women on a mission: to look gorgeous for that night's festivities.
We were going to a musical. Not just any musical, in fact. My drama teacher's musical. A one-act comedy, in which he starred.

Let us rewind for a moment. The past few weeks, I've been quite the little hermit. Besides auditions for the winter play, and school, I haven't been socializing with anyone. (Except for Jelly, who practically lives at my house.) Nothing in particular prompted this. It was a decision on my part, to get away from all the drama and awkwardness of high school life.

One of my closest and dearest guy friends, Alge, picked Jel&I up from my house. I am still not allowed to drive into the BigCity, so Alge graciously offered us a ride.
May I just take a moment to say that Jel and I looked nothing short of amazing. I was wearing a gorgeous grey and gold party dress, with gold heels to match. Jel borrowed one of my other dresses, a pink satin party dress, with my Vera Wang heels and yellow trench coat. (She loves to raid my closet, obviously.) We both had our hair all done up, and I had done our makeup.
Back to the story. So we arrived about an hour early (for fear that we wouldn't get a decent parking spot.) and got our tickets from will call. Quickly, the rest of our little group of drama geeks started arriving. There were about 20 of us, all together. And it was wonderful. Hugs, and kisses, and "ohmygodyoulookamazing!" all ensued. I knew then it was going to be a good night.
The show was hilarious. Our teacher, who is a great singer, performed swimmingly. The best part of the show was when they asked members of the audience to come and be a part of the play. BossMan, one of our school's best actors, (and a good friend of mine) was chosen to join in. The musical ended on a happy note, (no pun intended) and we all exited the theater. More hugging and "howhaveyoubeen?" appeared as we waited for our teacher. BossMan came up and gave me a massive hug, grinning from ear to ear. I've know him since kindergarten. And quite frankly, I would be lying if I said I didn't have a massive crush on him.
Our teacher came out and gave us a tour of the entire backstage part of the theater. I was in heaven. (despite the surprisingly small size of their backstage area.) So we all said goodbye to eachother, and walked to our cars. Alge put it on our local "top 20 hits/party music" station (which is basically what 95% of the kids around here listen to.) and headed for home. We rolled all the windows down, even though it was freezing. We were too happy to care. It was one of those moments when you lean back and just smile because, damnit, you're having fun. And in that moment, nothing could have possibly ruined the constant rush of music, energy, and life that was flowing through all three of us. We are kids, going out, and enjoying life. And that's what its all about.
Jel and I got back to my house around 11pm that night. Both of us grinning and laughing and about to fall over because we were so tired. We quickly shucked out of our dresses, changed into some pjs, and drove to our local Sonic. We gorged ourselves on onion rings and grilled cheese sandwiches. Drove back home, barely got into the house before we plopped down on the sofa, turned on the Mythbusters marathon, and passed out from exhaustion. Some time around 3am, mom had apparently blown up the big purple inflatable couch/bed and coaxed both me and Jel onto it. (Although neither of us remember.)
Dad woke us up that morning, saying we could go get donuts if we wanted. After quickly changing, we dashed out the door, and got some Starbucks. Thank God for Starbucks. I love coffee, too much for my own good, I'm sure. Then we got donuts, and McDonalds for dad, and headed back home.

And here I am, a few hours later.

I will not be posting some massive "update post." Most of the huge things that have happened I'm sure mom will cover in her next post. (i.e. Grandma going downhill, me becoming a licensed driver, etc.)
Yes, this is a long post. Congratulations if you're still reading. That means you've stuck with me long enough to know that I don't post something long unless its really meaningful to me.

I love you all, dearly.

More, soon.


Chuck said...

Hey Twinks, good to see you blogging again! Hope high school continues to go well for you.

Anonymous said...

Knives and Forks and Spoons, oh my!

XO Mom :)

Suldog said...

Big-Time glad to see you back. Both you and Mom have links on my sidebar again. In other words, everything is as it should be in the world. Yay!