It was not tonsillitis.

Despite my earlier suspicions. It was a nasty sinus infection, onset by my forgetfulness and lack of allergy pill taking ability. Which is evidently quite high nowadays.

I am mere moments away from driving to the movie theater, and pre-purchasing my ticket for HP7part1. (I'm going to the midnight premier!) I am a melting pot of emotions. I am excited, because.. well its freaking Harry Potter! But at the same time there is a small part of my childhood is going to die when I go see this.
That sounds all too depressing and exciting at the same time, so I'm going to move on.

Bestfriend got grounded yesterday, while at my house. Sadly, despite many "But..!"s from both of us, she is grounded from my house as well.
The one great thing about whenever Jelly and I get grounded, is that we're never grounded from eachother. It's like, because we're so close, and because we see eachother so often (and because we're practically sisters) our parents have always been a little lenient and let us hang out, even when we were in trouble.
Not this time. Her mom was pissed. Jelly had evidently not answered her phone for the past few hours, so when her mom finally got ahold of her (by calling Jelly's boyfriend, who was with us at the time) she was freaking out. Also, the fact that her mom was out of state at the time didn't help the situation. So now she's grounded. And I'm wondering when my bestfriend and I will get to go on another one of our great adventures.

I am excited because one of my good friends who I haven't seen in a long while just texted me and asked if I wanted to grab some Chinese food with her next week.
Fast side note: Wanting to go get Chinese food with friends is one of the big things to do where i'm from, considering our local Mom&Pop's style Chinese restaurant is arguably the best in the state/country/world.
Also, that was probably my longest run-on sentence ever.

I have been assigned a directing project in my drama class. My teacher chose several students from my class and gave us scripts, and actors, basically shoving us out of the nest on our own. It's scary, to say the least, but I think I'm handling it quite well, considering he gave me the longest/biggest project in the whole class.

Fall colors are starting around here. It has become too cold to walk outside in bare feet, and the trees all look like they're on fire. People are wearing coats, and scarves, and it's perfect couple weather.
Couple Weather: Noun; a term, referring to the time of year when it starts to get cold, and many couples are seen outside together, bundled up, holding hands, looking generally smitten, etc.

I need to go put socks on.

More, later.


Suldog said...

This may or may not be good information, but here goes. I find that when I have any sort of congestion or sinus-related sickness, really hot Chinese food makes me feel better in a hurry. If you can stand the hot mustard, or just like spicy food anyway, order up and eat 'til you sweat! That's my cure. Your mileage may vary.

Anonymous said...

Salsa. From you-know-where.

The chips are optional, but highly recommended.


I Love You!

XO Mommy :)