So I've been gone for a while.  Sorry about that.  It appears Mom and I aren't too great at keeping up the whole blog thing lately.

I'm in college now, full time.  I had my first job, briefly, over the summer working for the big red spot, but I quit when my parents said that they wanted me to put all my focus on school.

I haven't read any blogs lately, so unfortunately I have no clue at all what has happened.  Hope everyone is doing well. :)

The boyfriend is no longer in the picture, if you were wondering.  After he turned 21, he had a hard time keeping himself out of the bars, and I had a hard time keeping myself in the relationship.  I broke it off with him shortly after my 18th birthday in February.

I found out that I wasn't born with any cartilage in my right ankle, so that explains all the pain for all these years.  I've been bone on bone for so long that my ankle joint is just worn out.  I spend most of my time sitting now - can't walk for more than a few minutes without hurting so badly I'm in tears.  My two options at this point are wheelchair or surgery, and I'm leaning towards the former.  I'd rather build up some arm muscles for a while and push off something that invasive until I'm older.

I'm double majoring in Computer Science and Accounting.  Really exciting stuff, actually.  They're both things that I'm extremely passionate about, and extremely good at, so I figured it was the right fit for me.  But yeah, college full time.  Community college, actually, because where I'm from if you have good grades through high school, the local CC pays for your tuition and fees for 3 years.  So that's a pretty sweet deal.  I'll be going on to a four year college after that to get my Bachelor's.

Welp, I've gotta get to class now, but as I said, I hope everyone is doing well.  :)

Much love,

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Chuck said...

Hey Twinkie! Glad you are doing well. The only really new thing for me is that I moved to a new city due to my job. That is keeping me plenty busy for now though.

Sorry about your ankle. And while I know surgery sucks, give it serious thought. If it wasn't for surgery I'd have to be wearing hearing aids now and I'm only in my 40s. My hearing still isn't perfect but the surgery made a big difference for me, and my recovery time wasn't that long.

Sorry about the boyfriend but I am sure you will find someone else that you are more compatible with soon...and congrats on college. Sounds like a very challenging dual major but I'm sure you'll do well!