Moving on out!

Quick update this time, simply because I am buzzing around like a little worker bee.

Several big pieces of news:

1. I got a new job, working at a hospital in the big city.  Medical receptionist, to be exact.  I start next week and I could not be more excited!

2. I moved out of my parents house and into my own apartment! (Only been here a month, and I'm loving it!)

3. I got accepted into a really prestigious summer college program in Florida, but I had to turn it down after I realized that my feet wouldn't be able to hold up. :(

4. I have officially settled on a college major/career plan!  I am an IT major with specialties in computer programming!  I really want to be a programmer for video games, work behind the scenes on the guts of the game.  I loooooove programming and I'm really excited to be learning FOUR new languages next semester!

Well, I've got finals this week so I gotta dash!  Hope everyone is doing well.  I know mom and I have been a little absent recently, apologies.

Lots of love!

xo, Twinks